Sales must go on.

Recently the international market of inorganic chemicals was punch-drunk with a sharp rises of chrome ore costs. It has affected chrome products customers.

Nevertheless it hasn’t stopped the majority of them from joining the ChinaCoat 2016 & SFChina 2016 Fairs. From November, 30 to December, 2 representatives of different companies were having a chance not only of showing their product lines but of discussing the current market situation as well. Especially when there is a lot of topics to be discussed.

A weekly news magazine The Economist points that in about three last weeks the emerging-market currencies have been losing its ground. The yuan has fallen to its lowest level against dollar since 2008. India’s demonetization has destabilized the rupee on the international market. All the crises in Asian economics make business cooperation with this region slow.

During the fair the representatives of NPCC have met with their current partners and potential customers as well as with their competitors. In these uneasy times for chrome market the team of Novotroitsk plant notes with regret that even the strongest manufacturers can’t take a heat and have to freeze their production. But strategically thinking management of NPCC and their true-blue partners hold the factory on the top.

For the nth time NPCC have proved that nothing will stop them as well as their increasing sales volumes.

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