Going with the tide and turning the rocks of global economics.

Spring comes to its rights and brings a piece of calmness with. The global shock after the total price increase for Chrome ore and other Chrome chemicals in the chain has gone and the whole business world has been started stabilizing. The price increase has strongly affected not only Chrome chemicals manufacturers but their down-stream users as well. Thus, a quite big range of international industries was touched by the recent events. Nevertheless, the global Chrome business world can’t be stopped and has to deal with the current market situation no matter how hard it is.

In such uneasy times Hong Kong remains a constant place for business negotiations and searching for mutual and beneficial solutions face-to-face. That is why JSC “NPCC” have been taking part in APLF Leather & Materials+ held this year on 29-31 March.

Multiple discussions with the regular customers as well as meetings with some competitor companies and sharing useful information with each other always help to define the existing high points for each target local market, and to keep an ear to the ground of international market situation in general.

The APLF 2017 in Hong Kong furnished proof of strength of leather industry as many tannery factories not only hold their production capacity but also make plans to expend the production lines.

Meanwhile, another exhibition – Surtech 2017 – taken place on 29-31 March in Incheon, South Korea has become a brand new platform for JSC “NPCC” to explore the situation in coating and surface treatment industry. This industry was affected by the global price changes as well. Studying the news of the domestic market it can be said that yet the South Korea was hit hard by the global financial crisis its present economics can’t be called weak. Viewed from within the region South Korea demonstrates a meteoric rise and an assertive behavior on the market.

In sum, Asian market of Chrome chemicals develops with a murderous intensity what gives a good chance to turn the rocks of Chrome industry to all market players.

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