Getting ready to the upcoming year.

It’s coming a new year, a season when the companies are actively preparing to the upcoming year. Especially hot is the time before Christmas and New Year’s Eve.
However the hot period for JSC “NPCC” hasn’t been unmitigated for a long time. From September to November 2017 the plant represented its products on 4 international exhibitions: “KHimya 2017”, “ACLE”, “Metal-Expo”, and “SFChina”. Each of the exhibitions has opened new windows for the development of business relations of the company and has made some contribution to the improvement of production technologies.

The exhibition of chemistry and science “KHimya 2017” taken place in Moscow 24 to 26 October 2017 has received the highest rates among the professionals as well as at the government level. Prime Minister of Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev has commented the exhibition as following: “This oldest show of industry achievements has become an event of the world-class. It attracts the attention of specialists from Russia and abroad. As a tradition the exhibition is a great place to demonstrate the newest achievements of chemical industry, and mutually beneficial contracts are concluded”

JSC “NPCC” isn’t limited with only these goals but uses the opportunity provided with the exhibition in order to follow the tendencies of the chemical products market and to stay on its wave.

For its 20th anniversary, ACLE (29-31 August 2017, Shanghai) underscored not only the energy in Chinese market, but also a number of trends in both the domestic and international leather industries. As Michael Duck, Director of APLF Limited, has noticed, the exhibition ranks as one of the most importance events held in China in the leather industry. The participation in this exhibition gives to JSC “NPCC” another opportunity to show its success for the part year to the visitors and to find ideas for the further development.

The successful one was also the exhibition “SFChina” held 15 to 17 November 2017 in Shanghai. As the organizers say, it exceeded all expectations. Around 400 companies working in galvanic and surface treatment industry from 20 different countries have represented their products and services to the visitors; 85 companies from these numbers were the debutants on this exhibition. The total number of 2017 exhibitors represented a rise of 23% and 14% as compared to its 2016 Guangzhou and 2015 Shanghai editions. The visitors (there were over 11 000 people this year) evaluated the products of JSC “NPCC” on its merits and showed a lot of interest to them.

Meanwhile on 17 November 2017 the 23rd International industrial exhibition “Metal-Expo’2017” has finished with a great result. 530 companies from 35 countries around the world joined the exhibition this year. The exhibition was attended by about 29 thousand specialists from 60 countries, where a wide range of manufacturers and suppliers of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, equipment for metallurgy and metalworking, suppliers of raw materials for metallurgy and companies from metallurgical industries were presented.

The organizers of each exhibition have already summed up, and they talk about the excellent results of the work done. But the results of JSC “NCCP” participation in them will show up in the coming year. But already now it can be confidently asserted that they will justify all the company’s expectations.

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