Recognition – on merit

Novotroitsk Plant of Chromium Compounds can add in money-box of its achievements the constant presence of the company in various ratings and nominations at both the regional and federal levels.

For more than a decade, NPCC has consistently confirmed its high status in the traditional reviews of operating results of enterprises situated in Ural and Western Siberia. These reviews are conducted twice a year by the analytical center Expert-Ural. The spring “gathering” of exporters in the region, where the Novotroitsk plant is consistently among the top twenty out of one hundred representatives of export-oriented companies in the region, was not held due to the unfolding coronavirus.

But in the autumn rating of the top 400 largest producers of Ural and Western Siberia by volume of products sold in 2019, JSC NPCC is confidently located in the middle of the list of the best. A small company with a staff of less than 1,500 people has been producing this result for the past five years. Is it success? Undoubtedly.

Another proof of recognition of the plant was received the other day from the capital by the General Director V.I. Izmalkin. Based on the results of the expert assessment of the financial and economic indicators of the enterprise and the industry, which is conducted annually by the Moscow Center for Analytical Research, Novotroitsk Plant of Chromium Compounds was awarded in the category “Best Enterprise in the Industry 2020” with a national certificate confirming this title.

This category is held annually within the framework of regional and national intersectoral analytics. The competition is designed to mark and promote brands of reliable companies that have positive development dynamics, provide high-quality services and are a priority for attracting investment.

The goal of determining the “Best Enterprise in the Industry 2020” is simple and important at the same time – it is to encourage reliable suppliers, companies of social importance, and to develop the image and prestige of Russian enterprises.

Based on Federal State Statistics Service’s data for the previous reporting period, all operating associations, plants, and factories in the country are evaluated by their industries. Each company undergoes expert analysis and comparative rating within the industry and region in accordance with approved methods.

Among the applicants for the honorary title, NPCC showed its financial stability, solvency, business activity and resource efficiency, which gave it the right to become one of the best enterprises, industry leaders and increased its significance and recognition of the brand at the national and international markets.

In addition, NPCC is recommended for cooperation and recognized as a reliable partner.

“According to the results of an expert assessment of the financial and economic indicators of the enterprise and the industry, the organization is classified as recommended and, as a result of ranking, is included in the Rating of Reliable Partners. The expert analysis was conducted among 369 companies in the industry and enterprises of the region “Volga Federal District”. The result of the study may indicate the reliability and priority of the organization in cooperation”, – this is a quote from the expert-comparative analysis of JSC NPCC, prepared by the Center for Analytical Research.

Confirmation of the high reputation of the Novotroitsk Plant of Chromium Compounds shows that it is a reliable partner, a quality supplier and a prestigious employer.

The National Certificate “The Best Enterprise in the Industry 2020, Moscow” The Award “The Best Enterprise in the Industry 2020, Moscow”

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