Sulfuric sodium technical

Sulfuric sodium technical

GOST 6318-77

Appearance: Порошок белого цвета.

Empirical formula: Na2S04.

    Used in:

  • Paper and pulp, chemical, glass industry;
  • Production of synthetic detergents.
Specification: High grade First grade
Sodium Sulphate Na2SO4, min 99,4% 98,0%
Calcium Sulphate CaSO4, max not normalized not normalized
Sodium Chloride NaCI, max 0,2% 0,7%
Insoluble residue, max 0,4% 0,9%
Magnesium (Mg2+), max 0,02% 0,1%
Ferrum Fe2O3, max 0,01% 0,015%
Water H20, max 0,1% 1,0%

  • Disposable soft containers of 1000 kg. net with thermostable polyethylene insert.

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