CR based alloying briquetted tablets

CR based alloying briquetted tablets
TU 0845-014-05762312-2015
Appearance: cylindrical shape of 90 mm dia and up to 50 mm high. Weight of a tablet – 1,25 kg net (+/- 6g). Cr based briquetted tablets are made of pressed mixture of Chrome powder of fine fraction (Cr), Aluminum powder (Al) and/or Flux powder (F).

Used as: addition alloy for production of wide range of alloys (primarily Aluminum alloys), where it is required to maintain a set chrome content.

    Advantages of using powder alloying tablet as an addition alloy are:

  • Fast dilution of tablets at normal operating temperatures of a foundry;
  • High percent of the element recovery;
  • Precise weight, lack of dust, waste and errors in the alloy composition;
  • Fast and uniform solvability of self-immerging tablets provides for lower energy costs, reduction of refractories wear and higher efficiency;
  • Use of alloying briquetted tablets allows to reduce working areas, to cut warehouse, transport and accountancy costs in comparison with other addition alloys;
  • Cost of the main component in the alloying briquetted tablets is generally less in comparison with addition alloys with low concentration;
  • Addition of alloying briquetted tablets into the solution of liquid alloy does not cause temperature decrease of the latter;
  • convenient shape and packing provides for precise dosing of addition alloy.
Grade Specification,% Mass density
Cr Al Fe S Cu Zn Si Flux g/cm3
Cr80Al20 79-81 19-21 0,5 0,01 0,01 0,01 0,1   3,5
Cr80F20 79-81 0,6 0,5 0,01 0,01 0,01 0,1 19-21 3,5
Cr80Al10F10 79-81 9-11 0,5 0,01 0,01 0,01 0,1 9-11 3,5

Packing: briquetted tablets are wrapped with silvery aluminum foil with 3 pieces in each package (column) and packed in carton boxes of 22,5 kg net.

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