Chrome metal powder

Chrome metal powder

GOST 5905-2004

Appearance: fine powder of grey colour, produced from Chrome Metal by two-stage crushing. Minimal content of Cr is 97,5% (depends on the grade), fraction size of Chrome powder is 0-315 micron.

    Used for:

  • Production of powder metallurgy items;
  • Production of welding electrodes, surfacing wires and band;
  • Chrome plating by gas-flame and diffusion methods;
  • Production of chrome cathodes and target electrodes used in vacuum coaters.

Produced grades:
Cr99N2-4; Cr99N4-4; Cr99N5-4; Cr99-4; Cr98,5-4; Cr97,5-4.

Packing: drums and barrels of 100 kg and 500 kg net each respectively.

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